Inter-Core Communication for SCE

Multicore processors provide great average-case performance. However, the use of multicore processors for safety-critical applications can lead to catastrophic consequences because of contention on shared resources. The problem has been well-studied in literature, and solutions such as partitioning of shared resources have been proposed. Strict partitioning of memory resources among cores, however, does not allow intercore communication.

This research direction proposes an analyzable inter-core communication framework for strictly partitioned multicore processors. The framework introduces notion of Communication Core Model (CCM) that implements the inter-core communication by bounding the amount of intercore interference in a partitioned multicore envirnoment such as SCE as shown in the Figure below. A system-level perspective of how to realize such CCM along with the implementation details is provided. A formula to derive the WCET of the tasks using CCM is also provided. We compare our proposed CCM with traditional Contention-based Communication (CBC), where no private banking is enforced for any core. The analytical approach results using San Diego Vision Benchmark Suite (SD-VBS) for two models indicate that the CCM shows an improvement of up to 65 percent compared to the CBC. Moreover, our experimental results indicate that the measured WCET using SD-VBS is within the bounds calculated using the proposed analysis.

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